Amongst the consultancies major and most prestigious are of activity in the filed of Electric Power over the years, is its engagement as consultant to Saudi Electric Company (SEC), providing professional services for a number of super-grid projects involving 380kV GIS Substations and EHV networks. Amongst the successfully completed projects, the following are some of more important and prestigious. 380kV GIS (SF6) Substation 9009 (Reputed to be one of the largest GIS (SF6) substations in the world), 380kV GIS (SF6) Substations 9008 (Riyadh), 9011 (Howtat Sudair), 9006 (Al-Khuff), 9010 (Burayadh), 9004 (Riyadh), 9000 (Majmaah) forming the first interlink between SEC Central and Eastern regions and the SR.4 Billion Tihama Central Electrification project consisting of entire SEC- Southern region Transmission & Distribution system, were entrusted to AL BAWARDY CONSULTING ENGINEERS.

Concerning the EHV power transmission, the National grid 380kV double circuit quad interconnection between SEC — Central & Eastern regions, 2 separate overhead transmission lines of 800km, one at 230kV 400km, 380kV double circuit quad between Riyadh-Shaqra-Burayadh 410km, Riyadh — Al Kharj and between 380kV substation 150km DCCT quad OHL plus 800km 132kV transmission line for SEC- Southern region, 107km 380kV OHL to interconnect substation 9009 between substations 9001, 9002 and 9003.

In the Power sector, major power generation projects executed are SEC-South 250MW, SWCC Assir Desalination & Power Plant 2x64MW, and prestigious standby power plant for Holy Al-Haram Makkah Al- Mukkarramah and Nasseriah, Riyadh power plant studies are few to mention.
Summary in Water section, on our own and in association with other reputable international consultants, many desalination projects have been successfully completed for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. In this field of innovative technology, AL BAWARDY CONSULTING ENGINEERS have mastered the latest Reverse Osmosis technology.

The 10 Million Imperial Gallon per day MSF desalination plant in Bahrain, 20 Million Imperial Gallons per day RO desalination plant at Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia and Al Hunnay water transmission to Riyadh city are already in operational.
Recently we have completed the Engineering Design of prestigious Well-1 Water Purification and Bottling Plant for Holy Al Haram Makkah Al Mukkarramah. Over the years of its operation in various consulting disciplines, ABCE have built up the necessary infrastructure to deal with any size of projects.